We Are Open!

Inside and Outside Seating Available! 

        To Order Take Out Call (619) 334-4400

Delivery Available Through Online Apps Listed Below.
 Hours: Tuesday through Sunday 11AM to 8PM



 “Da Udder Bird”

BBQ Shredded Chicken w/ Dijonnaise, 
House BBQ Sauce, Provolone Cheese 
& Lettuce on a on Brioche Bun

“OG Piggy”

Smoked Pulled Pork w/ OG 
BBQ Sauce on Brioche Bun

Buckboard Steak Burger

1/2 Pound House Ground 50/50 Tri-Tip and Chuck Patty  with Thousand Island Horseradish Aioli, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion on a Brioche Bun


“The Tip”

Santa Maria Seasoned Tri-Tip w/ Horseradish Aioli and House BBQ Sauce with Provolone Cheese on Telera Bread


“The Beyond Burger”

1/4 Pound Patty w/ Vampire Salsa (Vegan), Lettuce, Tomato & Onion on Sourdough Bread

Add Bacon to Anything $2
Add Bleu Cheese to Anything $1

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